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How to choose the best slots?

There are no foolproof strategies for playing online slots, but there are a number of guidelines to have more fun and get better results. Let's go through them one by one.

Fund management

Money dedicated to betting on slots should always be considered as an investment in your free time. Managing the money you wager is vital because it will allow you a better return in terms of prizes and playing time. It is best to decide the total amount you will bet on each session and title (not counting possible winnings).

Assess your mood

Every day is different and even if you're clear on what to do to maximise your betting performance, you might prefer to give a chance to a game with a lower RTP, that includes more exciting features or is something different to what you're used to, such as Ghostbusters Triple Slime or Family Guy.

Get lots of prizes with just a few spins

If this is your goal, you should opt for slots with an RTP percentage of 96% or higher and low or very low volatility. The prizes won't be very high, but they will be distributed within a few spins. Some of the most popular slots that meet these characteristics are Cleopatra Plus and Elephant King.

Invest in your bet to win big

When you have a comfortable budget and the game design you like enough to have fun while you wait a while between prizes, it might be the right opportunity to increase your line bet in games with a higher volatility index. If you're looking for this type of slot, Double Diamond, Siberian Storm and Champion Race Way could become some of your favourites.

Get cash bonuses for playing for real money

Among the perks we have already mentioned are the bonuses. These are one of the strongest points of the most successful casinos //pokiesurf-casino.online/ and this is no coincidence. Operators compete daily to offer the most attractive bonuses to players, so you'll have to keep up if you don't want to miss out.

Generally, a different bonus is offered for each section of the game. Often they are offered as a chance to earn extra money, but the truth is that their main goal is to give you the opportunity to try games that, due to their characteristics, you cannot try for free with a demo.

We are referring to live tables (such as live roulette in all its variations), or slot machines with progressive jackpots, which obviously cannot offer progressive jackpots for demos.